Xperiences of Excellence: LifeXperiences Teams Up with XO Private in Luxury Travel Sector

Bespoke Activity2
12/06/2024 | Sara

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with XO Private, a distinguished leader in the luxury travel industry.XO Private stands as a beacon of excellenc...

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Slow Living Mallorca: LifeXperiences Introduces Full-On Villa Xperience!

casalahuerta 02
24/05/2024 | Sara

Prepare for an extraordinary retreat as LifeXperiences unveils its latest venture: a collection of exclusive villas nestled in the heart of Mallorca. We're thri...

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Supporting a Cleaner Future: Our Commitment to the Cleanwave Foundation!

Donation Cleanwave Foundation
21/05/2024 | Sara

At LifeXperiences, we believe in the power of positive, interconnected experiences that celebrate the beauty of life with passion and joy. Our commitment to res...

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Beach Clean Mallorca: Making a Difference

15/05/2024 | Sara

Join us in this heartfelt endeavor as we proudly support the Cleanwave Foundation, because protecting our planet isn't just a duty, it's a passion we hold dear ...

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Exciting news from our activities catalogue: the BE LIGHT audiovisual meditation Xperience

SO IG + Linked IN Caption Facts
03/05/2024 | Sara

Meet BE LIGHT, which combines light, sound, meditation, and breathing into a unique method based on the latest neuroscience and ancient wisdom. This innovative ...

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Indian Weddings in Mallorca with LifeXperiences!

Indian Wedding Mallorca Event
17/04/2024 | Sara

Have you ever imagined celebrating your wedding surrounded by the timeless beauty and rich history of Mallorca? Experience our full-service exclusive offering: ...

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What's hot for 2023?

20/03/2023 | Philipp

Looking at some of this year´s upcoming trends

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Sustainable Events and Incentives

Olivenol Verkostung Mallorca
25/10/2022 | Philipp

The big difference we can make is in the events we provide.

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Team Building for Virtual Teams

Tim Hottges 60th Mallorca Tag1 Web 75
25/10/2022 | Philipp

At LifeXperiences we understand the power of human connection, and the need for teams to share a common objective to achieve positive results.   

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Sailing Mallorca on the world’s first electric Llaut

STR PMIXR Llaut LifeExperiences2
14/09/2022 | Philipp

Sailing Mallorca on the world’s first electric Llaut“I wanted freedom, open air, and adventure. I found it on the sea.”Alaine Gerbault, French Sailor 

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Private area for events and incentives

Mallorca Event Area
07/09/2022 | Johannes

Our 200ha private event area is only 15 minutes away from Palma and yet in the middle of nature.  

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Grape harvesting as an incentive

incentive vintage
22/08/2022 | Johannes

For everybody who is looking for an original and authentic activity for an incentive grape harvesting is the perfect choice!

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Authentic Venue Highlight

Palma Event Location
06/07/2022 | Johannes

The last Gothic jewel of Mallorca is one of the dream venues that was added to our portfolio.

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Living Our Values

03/03/2022 | Nina

We worked to reinforce our values in everything we delivered. That has meant placing a large focus on being a trusted & responsible business provider. 

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Incentive season finish

Event Incentive Mallorca
21/10/2021 | Johannes

A varied incentive season 2021 brings confidence and courage for the future.

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Global Tourism Plastics Initiative

DSC6118 Kopie2
10/03/2021 | Janina

LifeXperiences has today become a signatory of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative.

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First step towards becoming carbon neutral

DSC3019 Kopie2
21/12/2020 | Janina

Earlier this year when declaring a climate emergency, we committed to taking action to support climate change mitigation. We are aware of the impact our actions...

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We declare climate emergency

Klimanotstand mallorca
21/08/2020 | Janina

In collaboration with other organisations within the tourism industry we declare a climate emergency. Time has come to face the challenges of climate change to ...

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Leaders of change

Mallorca Event Agency Sustainability
03/08/2020 | Janina

We are living through unprecedented times, which calls on global citizens, governments and companies to step up to the challenges of climate change and actively...

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LifeXperiences exclusive partner of Marriott Group

Mallorca Day Cahrter
13/11/2019 | Johannes

Since the beginning of this year, LifeXperiences has been the exclusive partner of the Marriott Group, offering its services in the five-star hotels on Mallorca...

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Incentives with an ecological impact

CSR Incentives Mallorca
11/09/2019 | Johannes

To minimise the environmental footprint of incentives, LifeXperiences offers a variety of options.

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Incentive peak season

Mallorca Corporate Events DMC
02/08/2019 | Michelle

With 300 sunny days per year, a diverse nature, unique locations and excellent flight connections from all over Europe, Mallorca offers the best conditions for ...

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Gin Workshop for Events and Incentives

Gin Workshop
17/07/2019 | Johannes

Imagine you?re on a guided walking tour through the Old Town of Palma, visiting the local market for some fresh tapas, one of the city?s most popular Vermuteria...

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Incentive entertainment concept

DMC Incentive Mallorca
28/06/2019 | Johannes

Who would not be impressed by aerial artists who act like gravity doesn?t exist, or an illusionist who is able to make you question all principles of logic or r...

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Tailor-made Catering for your Occasion

Catering Majorca
31/05/2019 | Johannes

The physical well-being of the guests and participants is at the forefront of every private and corporate event. Our wide variety of catering options offer a ta...

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Fam-Trip with new Incentive Creations

Incentive Eventagentur Mallorca
03/04/2019 | Johannes

This year the Incentive season starts again with new Incentive ideas, presented to international partners on an exclusive Fam-Trip.

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Sustainable Events and Incentives

incentive sustainable
17/12/2018 | Ben

Seventy percent of the earth?s surface consists of water ? water, filled with plastic. Beaches and oceans are buried in litter, as the numbers of the cleanwave....

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Meeting with a Mediterranean touch

Ibiza Mallorca Meeting
19/09/2018 | Lara

Each year, the companies worldwide organise several meetings - one enterprise now spent a week of summer meetings on the island. LifeXperiences took care of the...

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Corporate Theme Party with 200 pax

Party Event Motto Mallorca
07/09/2018 | Lara

During the summer season of July and August, apart from incentive and meeting trips, private events and summer partys like this one become the centre of interes...

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Sundowner Incentive deluxe

Incentive Mallorca Yacht
20/07/2018 | Lara

Wow-Effects during a sundowner tour around the bay of Palma: In July, another group could experience the beauty of Mallorca during an unique incentive.

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Authentic Incentive: The FincaXperience

Mallorca Incentive Finca
13/06/2018 | Lara

A time-out at one of the beautiful fincas of the island in combination with a meeting or congress is a highlight of every incentive trip. Here, the original Mal...

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Retro-Excursion with Electric Turbo-Cars ? Sustainable Incentive

Nachhaltigkeit Incentive Elektroauto
16/05/2018 | Lara

This month, the LifeXperiences team was able to add another incentive highlight to their portfolio: Excursions with electric cars in retro style are now part of...

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Pirate Treasure Hunt ? Teambuilding for 350 pax

Team Building Activity Pirate Treasure Hunt Travel Agency
19/04/2018 | Lara

350 pirates conquered the island in one of the major teambuilding events of the year.

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Teambuilding innovation

Teambuilding Incentive DMC
13/03/2018 | Johannes

Brilliant sunlight and warm summer-like temperatures formed the background of this year?s opening of the incentive and team building season in March which start...

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Sustainability as an incentive element

Sustainable Events Mallorca
18/09/2017 | Johannes

According to Greenpeace, 1.5 million plastic bottles are consumed each day in the Balearic Islands. Only 18% is recycled, the remaining 1 million bottles are un...

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5* Event Composition in Summer

Eventagentur Mallorca3
10/08/2017 | Johannes

A new year of creating extraordinary holiday experiences for the guests of the 5* luxury hotel St. Regis Mardavall in Portals Nous.

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Meeting and Incentive Symphony

Eventmanagement Meeting and Incentive
07/07/2017 | Johannes

May and June was once again filled with extraordinary tailor-made meetings and incentives in Mallorca and Ibiza during this year. 

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Sustainable Events

Incentives Events Sustainability
02/06/2017 | Johannes

Creating and bringing sustainable events to life; this is the vision of LifeXperiences. Philipp Baier, the founder of LifeXperiences, initiated the project Clea...

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Electro-mobility during Events and Incentives

Elektro Mobilitat Events und Incentives
17/05/2017 | Johannes

LifeXperiences now offers low-emission transportation during sustainability orientated events and corporate incentives with the innovative electro-vehicles E-Sc...

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Baywatch as a Teambuilding Initiative

Teambuilding Mallorca INteractive
12/04/2017 | Johannes

Baywatch for one day ? a sustainable and innovative teambuilding concept full of interesting content and loads of fun where the strengthening and development of...

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1000 Pax End-of-Season Incentive

Ibiza Mallorca Incentive Event Management
01/12/2016 | Johannes

?The employee event of the century?. An international online-based company perfectly understood the concept of partaking in a remarkable incentive that inspired...

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Teambuilding à la carte

Coaching Mallorca Teambuilding
17/11/2016 | Johannes

Mallorca?s mild climate in autumn offers outstanding conditions for a tailor-made coaching and outdoor teambuilding activity right in the middle of nature. 

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Glamping as a Meeting or Incentive

Beach BBQ Incentive
29/09/2016 | Johannes

LifeXperiences introduces the new luxurious incentive and meeting camping adventure in a novel, original and creative way, generating special memories with the ...

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Events during the Incentive Summer Break

Event Agentur private Feier
24/08/2016 | Johannes

This year?s corporate meeting and incentive summer-break during July and August was once again outdone with high-class private events in Mallorca and Ibiza.

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LifeXperiences meets St. Regis Mardavall Resort

Event Management Mallorca Mardavall Hotel
27/07/2016 | Johannes

From this summer and as the sole partner of the five star hotel St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort at the Costa den Blanes, LifeXperiences offers guests an ext...

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Incentive high season in May and June

Event Agentur Mallorca Incentive Reise
14/07/2016 | Johannes

The incentive high season during May and June moved along with many new locations and activities and similar to the prior years these months were the most popul...

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Incentive confirmed for 1000 pax

Event Agentur Konferenz und Incentive Mallorca
16/06/2016 | Johannes

What makes an incentive event of this particular magnitude possible can be based on a creative execution, complex logistics and a reliable infrastructure for co...

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Coaching out of the box

Event Management Mallorca Coaching
31/05/2016 | Johannes

In May this year, a tailor made and individualised coaching program for the top management sector of an international pharmaceutical company was conceptualised ...

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Conference and Incentive for 200 pax in March

Konferenz Mallorca Eventagentur2
07/04/2016 | Johannes

How an internal company restructuring process is implemented through a 5* conference and incentive program, was made visible through the most recent example of ...

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LifeXperiences - 10 Years of Events and Incentives

Corporate Events DMC Mallorca
25/01/2016 | Johannes

The grand anniversary was an authentic summary of the first 10 years of sensational corporate events and incentives at LifeXperiences.

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Late-Summer Incentive High Season

Meeting Teambuilding Mallorca
20/10/2015 | Johannes

Once again, the grand incentive season finale from August to mid October involved a diverse assortment of incentives, meetings, private and corporate events and...

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Executive Leadership Coaching

Coaching Incentive
04/09/2015 | Johannes

Besides well trained and motivated coaches and driven participants, the most important success factor for a successful leadership training program is the right ...

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Incentive Break- A time for private festivities

21/07/2015 | Johannes

The sun-filled break between incentive and company events, provides for a splendid opportunity for private midsummer celebrations.

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Production assistant with Incentive elements

Palma Firmenveranstaltung
23/06/2015 | Line

As part of a primetime TV commercial for CrunchChips Roasted, LifeXperiences created the outdoor screen set, the incentive games and sourced the outstanding loc...

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New ideas for Meetings & Incentives

Incentive Bay
13/05/2015 | Johannes

We are happy to announce that this year we are taking place again at the IMEX in Frankfurt from the 19th ? 21st of May. LifeXperiences will be presenting new pa...

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First-hand Incentive Activities and Locations

Royal End. crome
11/02/2015 | Johannes

While our event calendar is slowly filling up with several diverse and interesting incentive and coaching activities, the LifeXperiences team makes use of the w...

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Winter Incentive Trips

Oldtimer Rallye 7
19/01/2015 | Line

As we close one season the next season opens. January has had a busy start, and whilst part of the LifeXperiences team was holding up the fort at ?home base? wi...

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Moments of a Lifetime

Tailormade Events and Incentives
03/11/2014 | Line

It cannot be too exclusive for the readers of ?PURE HAUTE MALLORCA LIVING MAGAZINE?. The glossy magazine presents unique and luxury properties designed by well-...

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Tramuntana CycleXperience

Incentive Cyling
08/10/2014 | Johannes

With the incentive season coming to an end on Mallorca & Ibiza the outdoor and mountain season starts. The mild winter and the pleasant temperatures of Mallorca...

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End of Incentive Season Xperience

Speedboot Incentive
06/10/2014 | Johannes

A very successful year 2014 with lots of exciting incentives and private functions on Mallorca and Ibiza is slowly coming to an end.

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Incentive de luxe - everything at once, please!

Flossbau Teambuilding - Incentives & Events mit LifeXperiences auf Mallorca
08/09/2014 | Chris

The last weekend was blessed with awesome weather conditions for the activities of our incentive group with 231 participants. From watersports to paintball ther...

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Blue Winds on the Balearic Islands

Wunderschöne Locations - Events und Incentives auf Mallorca & Ibiza mit LifeXperiences
11/08/2014 | Chris

Although LifeXperiences mainly organizes incentives, the last wednesday had more of a blue blooded touch. Royal visitors came to our beautiful island and enjoye...

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Special Hotel Rates on Mallorca

Evebt Agency Mallorca Hotel2
31/07/2014 | Chris

Even in high season we are happy to recieve special offers and conditions from our cooperating hotel partners all over the island - so give us a call before you...

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Well, it wasn't quiet

Inventive Event Mallorca Incentive
07/07/2014 | Chris

Between May and July we were quite busy: 27 groups were accompanied on Mallorca, Ibiza and even in Italy. This period was many things - but definitely not quiet...

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Exklusive Incentive Weekend on Mallorca

Mercedes Cabrio mieten - Incentives auf Mallorca mit Lifexperiences
27/05/2014 | Chris

The last weekend it must have been written in the stars: exclusive bookings were made throughout incentive travels - starting from the hotel, different event lo...

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Mallorca's coasts in one week

Mallorca DMC Incentive
15/05/2014 | Chris

Last weekend 130 participants from different international companies were able to enjoy their incentive travels to Mallorca to the fullest - including an exclus...

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Sailing for Teambuilding & Incentive

14/04/2014 | Chris

Our Easter gifts are a little bigger this year: This July we have five luxury sailing vessels for your teambuilding or incentive at hand!

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iPad GPS Challenge

iPad 20
21/03/2014 | Chris

Last week the test phase of the iPad GPS Challenge - designed by LifeXperiences - finally was added to our product catalogue and was introduced to local represe...

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Incentives With An Edge

Sailing Incentive
21/02/2014 | Johannes

In summer 2014, 240 Norwegians will be able to discover the beautiful island of Mallorca with our event experts from LifeXperiences. A tailor-made incentive was...

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Unique TravelXperiences

Unique Xperiences and Incentives
09/01/2014 | Johannes

Join LifeXperiences freeride Trans-France ski trip from Lake Genova to Nice in the Mediterranean in February 2014 - a unique cultural, culinary, social, sportiv...

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FamTrip 2013 in co-operation with Jumeirah Hotel in Port de Sóller

Jumeirah Hotel Mallorca Icentive
15/01/2013 | Line

LifeXperiences, in co-operation with the Jumeirah Hotel & Spa in Port de Sóller, is organizing a Fam Trip in spring 2013, that will go beyond the conventional, ...

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Tailor-made incentive for 120 PAX in Jumeirah Hotel

Hotel Jumeirah del Puerto de Soller Fotos de evento con carpa 0083
01/10/2012 | Johannes

?Kings and Queens? was the motto of the group of guests arriving from the UK. To ensure that their experience lived up to their name, the LifXperiences team rol...

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Exclusive hotel booking for an incentive in September

Jumeirah Port Soller DMC3
28/08/2012 | Johannes

Jumeirah Hotel & Spa in Port de Sóller will be the location of a unique incentive event, booked exclusively for guests from the UK.

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Incentives on Mallorca in June

Incentives DMC Events
04/07/2012 | Johannes

In June 2012 the LifeXperiences team welcomed in total 299 international guests to Mallorca, facilitating tailormade programmes designed and organised to suit t...

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LifeXperiences meets Superyacht Cup 2012

Super Yacht Cup Mallorca
14/06/2012 | Johannes

This will be the 16th year that the Super Yacht Cup will be hosted in Palma de Mallorca from 20 ? 23 June 2012.

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Feedback to Lifexperiences & Friends for Friends Summerparty

DMC Mallorca LifeXperiences Incentive
30/05/2012 | Johannes

"Thanks mate! Was best party for a long time! WELL organised! credit to you!" (Andy Joseph)

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Party for Friends

DMC Party Mallorca
18/05/2012 | Johannes

Under the banner ?LifeXperiences & Friends for Friends? we look forward to welcoming you to this years LifeXperiences-Summer-Party!

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Purobeach Opening Party with Lifexperiences Stretch Tents

Purobeach Mallorca Incentive
03/04/2012 | Johannes

With champagne, oysters and a warm 22 degrees, Mallorca?s ?bold and beautiful? came to celebrate the coming of summer.  

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LifeXperiences Stretch Tents in Purobeach Club

Purobeach Mallorca Incentive
22/03/2012 | Johannes

Hyper flexible, wind protection, water resistant and stylish shade cover. Even Purobeach has benefitted from the multi-faceted LifeXperiences Stretch Tents.

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Water sports activities and catamaran sailing

Katamaran Mallorca
14/03/2012 | Philipp

The summer season has officially been opened. Now nothing stands between you and a day on the water in the Mediterranean sunshine. Whether it be action-filled w...

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