Join us in this heartfelt endeavor as we proudly support the Cleanwave Foundation, because protecting our planet isn't just a duty, it's a passion we hold dear to our hearts.

Look forward to a special opportunity during your stay on Mallorca: our Beach Clean Up Programme, featuring coastal clean efforts where you will join other dedicated volunteers in making a difference! Our programme goes beyond classic beach cleaning and offers you the unique opportunity to learn more and actively participate in environmental protection.

In addition to cleaning the beaches, we also collect, classify and count micro- and mesoplastics as well as larger pieces of waste. In this way, you not only help to keep our beaches clean, but also actively contribute to protecting the environment alongside other passionate volunteers.

You will also have the opportunity to visit our largest marine restoration site in Portocolm, where you can gain an insight into a marine protected area and familiarise yourself with our work on site. This experience will give you the chance to upskill and deepen your knowledge of environmental conservation.

As a gift for your participation, you will receive a personalised insulated stainless steel bottle as a souvenir, alongside a collection of photos, making it a practical accessory and statement for environmental protection at the same time.

Book your participation now, join our team of volunteers, and help preserve the beauty of Mallorca's beaches while collecting stunning Xperiences

15/05/2024, Sara