Long lasting results through a professional coaching concept

  • Tailor-made coaching and training programmes
  • Mallorca – an effective coaching and training environment
  • All logistics and details taken care of
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Employees form the base of any company. Through an effective coaching or training concept, your team can become more sustainable, effective and collaborative, and will be able to learn new practices and skills that eventually lead to better business results. We believe in the power of a good coaching programme that will have a lasting impact on the way the organisation operates.

Tailor-made coaching programmes

We design tailor-made coaching programmes, led by professional and international coaches at the most inspirational venues of Mallorca. Depending on your focus points, a detailed and complete programme that includes stimulating workshops, activities and in- and outdoor locations will be created.
We have a wide network of qualified coaches and trainers that can cover any desired topic, from conflict management, to intercultural competence, communication training, leadership and management, team building, change management and sales training. We work closely together with our clients to design a sustainable concept.

Mallorca - an effective coaching environment

Due to its mild Mediterranean climate, diverse nature and wide variety of inspirational in- and outdoor venues, Mallorca offers the optimal environment for any coaching session. Far away from the everyday work environment, the participants won’t experience any distraction and can be fully concentrated on what is presented to them. The calming natural setting stimulates the brain and allows for new ideas to be created. 

All logistics and details taken care of

Benefit from our local knowledge and over 10 years of experience in designing coaching concepts. We are a full-service provider, meaning that we don’t just take care of a professional coach and detailed training programme, we will also take care of your accommodation, the right inspirational venues, food and beverage needs, transfers, and a tailor-made set of activities that suit the focus points of your coaching.

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